PM0001 Full Body Massage- Zero Gravity


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The CasaRevi massage chair, a true jewel of technology, will transport you to another dimension of relaxation and well-being!

Benefits of massage:

• Reduction of stress and nervous tension

• Relief from muscle and joint pains and aches

• Improvement of blood circulation

• Warming and softening of muscle mass

High quality and in step with the latest innovations thanks to “zero gravity” technology, this chair will allow you to massage:

• The head and the nape of the neck

• Whole back

• The buttocks and hips

• The thighs, calves and feet

Massage program:

• 6 automatic programs:

• 6 programs that use the complete set of massages:

• Program 1 and 2: whole back + legs and feet shiatsu and kneading

• Program 3: lower back + legs and feet

• Program 4: lower back + legs and feet

• Program 5: upper back + legs and feet

• Program 6: upper back + legs and feet

• Manual mode: Select with the remote control the zones or the type of massage you want.

• “Zero gravity” system: this posture aligns the torso, legs and back, causing immediate and incomparable relaxation and a significant reduction in stress.

• Types of massage: shiatsu (pressure), kneading (kneading method), rolling (roller), clapping (percussion), tapping (percussion) and vibration

• 3 massage intensities

• Number of engines: 5

• Number of rollers: 4

• Number of Inflatable pillows: 25

• Programmable duration: 15-30 minutes

• You can manually select the type of massage you want and adjust the body part concerned (upper or lower back or full back …), Intensity and speed

•Covering: Leatherette (full-grain leather is too fragile to withstand the repeated pressures caused by massages without deforming), while the leatherette guarantees a longer life to the massage chair

• Usage: 200 W

• Frequency: 50-60 Hz

• Connection: 220 V / 16 A

• Maximum user weight: 150 Kg

Instrumentation for your comfort:

• Automatic relaxation for the length of the legs, so that the soles of the feet are always in contact with the massage system, regardless of the inclination of the legs and backrest

• You can adjust the inclination of the legs independently of the inclination of the backrest: in this way you can adapt the position of the massage chair as you prefer

• Remote control supplied.

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Product details

Height (Cm)92 - 122
Width (Cm)81
Weight86.5 Kg
PropertyMassage chair
ModeliRest Galaxy Egg
ColorCream and Brown, Black and Gray

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    Amazing Chair, very comfortable. Quick shipping and really good products.

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    A great product!

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