Ordering, Prices, Payment

These general conditions of sale (“Conditions”) are applied to all Products and / or Services purchased from Casarevi

All prices presented on the site refer to new branded and packaged products.
If a product is not available for some time because it is out of stock, it will not be deleted from the site, but the word out of stock will appear next to the product, and it will be impossible to purchase it.

Shipping Products

These general conditions of sale (“Conditions”) apply to all Products and / or Services purchased from Casarevi

Unless otherwise indicated, Casarevi guarantees the customer the legal guarantee on each product which is 12 months. If the product appear defective during this period, after acknowledgement in written communication by registered letter from the customer regarding the defect declared within 7 days from the date on which the customer has found or believes to have found the defect and, in any case, within the Warranty Period, Casarevi will repair or replace it within a reasonable time.

The Customer agrees that he will deliver the defective Products to be replaced to Casarevi.
Otherwise, Casarevi has the right to charge the Customer for the non-delivery of the Product. After delivery, the ownership of the products to be replaced will be transferred to Casarevi.

Product Returns

These general conditions of sale (“Conditions”) apply to all Products and / or Services purchased from Casarevi

The European states law establish that if a product or service was purchased outside of a store (by phone, by mail order, online or from a door-to-door vendor), you have the right to cancel and return yours within 14 days. order for any reason and without any justification.

Casarevi, in compliance with European legislation, undertakes to return the money used for the purchase of products, when the product is returned within 14 days of the order. The shipment is the responsibility of the buyer and must contain:

  • The product must be intact in all its parts.
  • The product must have every accessory present in the package.
  • The product must be clean and look “like new”.
  • All the product packaging must be present, there must be no missing parts from the packaging. The packaging may have been opened, but it must have all its parts.
  • The product must contain its user manual.
  • The product must not show lines, signs of wear, stamps, or any other defects.
  • The product must be accompanied by the sales document.

All products, sent as a return, will be subjected to the strict control of these 7 points.